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Meet Angy Tsafos

Life and Mindset Coach, Energy Worker, Writer

Hello, I am your NET advocate!


I think that it’s really great that you are here - it means that you are thinking of making positive changes and investing in yourself for a more fulfilling life.


It really is an amazing first step and, believe it from someone who has gone through it and is still learning every day, every little step counts. I hope to be the person that is there supporting you and guiding you along this path of development. 


Why the NET Life?

It's a way of living that supports you to be at your best every day. It doesn't mean that every day will be rosy and that's totally fine. Why? Because you are equipped to handle whatever comes your way.


This is all about self love, self care, resetting the energy, freeing the mind and  investing in self development because you are worth it. Take care of yourself and you will reap the rewards.


Overcome your hiccups and insecurities with techniques and take back your power. You always have a choice in life and it is yours to make. You have all it takes.

When you truly own who you are, have the support of your best friend ever (you)  and operate from a place that is aligned to your values, you will not only thrive but also face whatever comes your way with strength.


“My husband has seen a massive shift in my happiness, passion and love for life.  I have re-ignited the fire within my belly to be successful and to continue my journey down the path that I have chosen.” 

— Karen H

—  Name, Title


NET Workers

For those wanting a positive life away from anxiety, stress, harsh criticism or people pleasing

NET Tapping

For those seeking a tool to let go of stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, pain etc.

NET Mothers

Ready to embrace a new life that's as much about you as it's about your loved ones?

Become a Life Coach

Train to become a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

NET Energy

For those seeking to quieten their mind and achieve an overall sense of wellbeing.


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