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Do you want to reconnect with what you truly want and need to make this phase of your life fulfilling not only for your family, your child but also for you? Then I am the life coach for you. You’ve got this mama and I’ve got your back. 

Motherhood has been such a rollercoaster. It has consumed your life. It has been go, go, go from the moment the little love of your life came into this world. Leading a balanced life sounds impossible when you have to be a mother, partner, daughter, friend, cook and the list goes on.

You have not had time to properly stop and figure out what you need to do to fully embrace this new chapter and thrive not only as a mother but as an individual.

Yes, you are a mother. You are also so much more than that. You have many hopes and dreams but you don’t know where to start or whether you can still achieve them. 

Seeing your child grow and blossom fills your heart with joy. It is so rewarding. Their smile lights up your life and this is all you need to feel better. You want to give them everything they ever need and be the best role model.

This prevents you from fully enjoying me time because it feels selfish and you wonder whether you should be playing with your little one or putting that load of washing on instead. 

Getting angry at your child or having moments where motherhood feels like a chore makes you feel like the worst mother on earth. Whatever you do, you feel like you should be doing more. 


This needs to stop. Now. The time has come to remove that cloak of invisibility and step into the great life that you create for you and yours with my help. 

Together, we can come up with an inspiring plan that will see you: 

  • manage the feeling of overwhelm that comes with trying to be everything for everyone 

  • reconnect with who you are, what makes you happy, what you really want 

  • embrace your new body. It has helped you create the most amazing human. Love this powerful body and feel good inside and out. 

  • prioritise your needs, knowing that you are still a great mum. Being a mum doesn’t always mean that you need to put your needs last or give them up entirely. 

  • take time for your passions and career without the associated guilt. 

  • replenish your cup by taking me time and still being a great mother

  • feel more confident about your parenting skills and go with your instinct, not unwanted advice 

  • find a career that you love or even find the courage to do what you always wanted to. 

  • go back to work feeling confident and knowing that all will be well 


Choose me because


I am a mother too. The day my little daughter came into my life changed me forever in more ways than one. I have so much love for her and it still surprises me how it gives me strength to keep going even though all I want to do is have a lie down or put my feet up and read a good book. She is my everything. And sometimes I feel this quite literally as it’s so easy for this little being and my role as a mother and wife to consume every minute that I have. I know of these days where I could not remember who I was, what I liked and I felt quite disconnected to the “me” of before. 


Pre pregnancy everyone talks a lot about babies and how to care for them. People do not tend to talk about how motherhood changes a woman’s life in the most profound way. I didn’t expect to go through what I have and feel what I felt and it still felt hard even though I was lucky to be supported by loving family, partner and friends. I took the time to dig deep and find myself again, a better me. I want to be there for you and be that loving ear and gentle coach who will remind you that you are amazing and that you are allowed to take time for yourself, for your dreams - you 100% deserve it. It is totally fine to mourn your old carefree life - your baby is still the most important thing to you. I am still learning every day as I navigate through my new life. I cannot wait to be the one to help you embrace your new life, your new body, your new you. 

Having a baby is the best thing that happened to you but yet there is more to come. Are you ready? 


“In general, I feel far more confident in my ability to take control of the things that matter most to me. Even when the bigger picture can seem daunting I’ve learnt to break things down into smaller steps instead of being overwhelmed.” 

— Verity G




Invest in yourself by working with me and you will:

  • feel excited about this new chapter of your life

  • learn to be kind and gentle to yourself. You are your new best friend

  • lighten your heart and mind by confiding your fears and worries without fear of judgement

  • feel good about asking for help as being superwoman is tiring and unrealistic 

  • know and acknowledge that you are an amazing mother 

  • reconnect with the energised, sassy girl that you have missed. The old you who happily chased her dreams and indulged herself.  Weave her back into this new phase of your life. 



Time is slipping away and going through the motions is no longer enough. You deserve more, you deserve better.You do not need to choose between motherhood or your passions. You can have both - the key lies with finding the balance hat is right for you. Let me know be the one to help you achieve this balance. 

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