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I am so grateful to Angy for her support, encouragement and guidance. Her calmness, positivity and smile is infectious!  I found our coaching sessions challenging, exciting and rewarding.

When we first connected I felt that I was not living in the present enough, not enjoying life but rather always focusing on either the future or the past. Worrying about how I could of done things differently or what I should be doing more of in order to achieve my future goals. I was also experiencing regular negative inner-voice, where I was questioning my abilities and constantly comparing myself to others. I felt uncomfortable in receive compliments and instead focused more on things that I could do better.

I decided to work with Angy as I was keen to become more positive, kinder to myself and be able to enjoy the present moment more.

Working with Angy, I gained a number of different techniques to help with remaining positive, taming my inner critic and improving my confidence at work and speaking up. My husband and I have actually both applied some of the techniques I learned which is such a positive and nice thing to be able to do together.

I’ve learnt that I need to be kinder to myself, be more reflective of my small and big achievements and spend some time living in the moment. Enjoy things that make me happy, spend quality time with my family and friends rather than worrying about the past or future.

Natalia K, Banking Professional, London


When we first connected it was whilst we attended a course together and I had just started doing a lot of fast track learning and branching out into truly working for myself.

I was trying to shift the doubts in my head about the new journey that I was embarking on.  I was feeling anxious about the future and I wanted to try and feel positive and to just let things fall into place.  My brain had other ideas, I felt that my brain was overloaded with new information, systems, training and with that came all the insecurities.  I really wanted to succeed as this meant a lot to me.


Coaching is something I had never tried before and I figured “you can’t fix or address a problem using the same mindset that you had when you created it!” – Budha

Plus, I felt Angy was open and honest and trustworthy after our initial chats.


I have never worked with a coach prior to the sessions with Angy.  I have never felt that I needed to, but I think that was because I was on autopilot.  I’m not sure that I had any expectations, I felt open and receptive and willing to be directed. Only later through the sessions, it dawned on me, that Angy was not there to tell me what to do or how to change. This all came from within me.


The first session I struggled with as I found exploring inner thoughts and feelings and self-reflecting difficult. But Angy was very patient with me whilst I struggled with the goal setting and action planning etc.


Nothing had shifted or crystallized in the first session.  I must admit, I may have felt like it might be a waste of time.  But I didn’t want to give up too soon, so I continued and committed myself to seeing it through to the end.


I felt better and more uplifted after the second session.  I had more time to think about what blocks I put on myself by then.

Angy’s coaching into being kind to myself and allowing the changes to happen really helped me as we worked through the weeks.  I especially found writing everything down that I achieved each day worked for me and showed me how much daily I was able to accomplish.


My husband has seen a massive shift in my happiness, passion and love for life.  I have re-ignited the fire within my belly to be successful and to continue my journey down the path that I have chosen.  


The biggest change that I have witnessed in myself is being kinder to myself, allowing the universe to present what it needs and to accept all that is coming. I am not so hard on myself and less critical and I have changed my mindset to “what will be will be”.  I CAN achieve great things and will.  But when the time is right everything will fall into place.  I am much more positive and every day I am practicing mindfulness and giving gratitude for what I have achieved already.


Angy actively listened to everything I said and engaged well with me. She was able to sift through my rambling when I went on about how I felt about my goals/tasks or just how my week has been!


My sessions were Enlightening, Empathic, Encouraging (all the E’s!)

Karen Hastings, Entrepreneur, London


I would describe my time with Angy as being empowering, grounding and uplifting. When we first connected, I was at the start of a big shift in my life - training to be a life coach and working out how to fit a change in career in around being a mother.
I wanted to go through a coaching series as the thought of finally sorting out things which had me been holding me back for years was just so exciting, and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own (as I’d been trying for years already with no success).
I hadn’t worked 1-2-1 with a coach before but had been on retreats and been part of membership groups so I had some idea of what it could be like. But knowing the experience was going to be fully focused on me felt really special and motivating.
Going into my first session, I felt a bit nervous because I didn’t know for sure what I’d feel most called to work on, but I was mainly just excited to have some accountability and to start exploring my goals in more depth.
By the end of the first session, I had so many ideas that popped up! I felt that Angy and I had really connected, she was totally on my side and it felt like I had a really safe space to share in throughout our time together.
My friends and family are really happy to see how much more in control of my money I am than before, it’s made a really big difference and has taken a weight off. My husband is also really happy to see me dedicating time to my writing properly too as he knows I struggled to prioritise it before.
In general, I feel far more confident in my ability to take control of the things that matter most to me. Even when the bigger picture can seem daunting I’ve learnt to break things down into smaller steps instead of being overwhelmed. Looking back at where I started and the work I’ve done since then has given me a real belief in myself which has manifested itself in my career, marriage and inner world too. I have my vision board next to my bed that I made for one of my goals which means I always have my big dream front and centre every day - it reminds me what I’m working towards.
I love going back to the work we did together - it keeps me on track and means that our coaching series wasn’t really ‘over’ with our final session.
Angy has such a wonderful way of holding space for you, asking exactly the right questions so you see things differently to ever before, and her words of encouragement genuinely made me feel really special. I really did believe that I was capable of anything I wanted to achieve with Angy’s guidance and support, and I carry that learning with me even though our time together is up.

Verity Gaida, Coach and Writer, U.K

Distance Reiki

I was diagnosed with 'chronic inflammation of the stomach lining' which means I have regular stomach aches and reflux which are usually treated with over the counter antacids. But occasionally I have a flare up which keeps me bed ridden and in extreme pain. I used to ride it out but decided to explore alternative remedies and decided to give Reiki a go. I had tried it before when life got a bit stressful but never for aches and pains. Knowing Angy was finishing her Reiki course, I reached out and she was more than happy to help. We did distance Reiki/healing and the results were pretty much instant, felt the pain and burn slowly ease off to eventually disappear. I have had a couple of sessions since when it gets too painful and would highly recommend it. I would pick healing over medication any day.

Anne-Lise Colley, Logistics, Australia

Combined Reiki & Alchemy Energetics 


I don't get anxious very often, yet during my last holidays I got very sick, anxious - I wasn't well at all. Before using any drug, I wanted to try some distant healing and check if it was working. Angy talked me through the process, she was very kind, calm, and relaxed. She, then practised her distant healing and I could feel an instant relief, it was really impressive. After 3 days of really bad sickness and anxiety, I was already feeling much better once I received her treatment. Within 2 days, I totally recovered and felt totally myself again! I would definitely do it again, and recommend Angy, she is truly amazing and shaped for this!

Romane Nouri, Social Media Specialist, London


Prior to the session, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to relax properly with you as I didn't know you well. I was worried that it would be awkward as we were not meeting in person. However, I quickly found that you are a lovely person and a very empathic coach that made me feel perfectly at ease (even if we did the sessions remotely). Tapping really helped me release some stress and focus on myself. Also the sessions were very useful as they helped reduce my neck pain and I also learned how to breathe properly.  I've learned how to tap when I'm anxious and stressed and it really helps me.  It also gave me the time to focus on my emotions whilst feeling safe.

Veruschka Baudo, Photographer, London

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